What is a bomb twister? The outrageous winter storm raising a ruckus around town

 Americans have been cautioned to prepare for a "bomb typhoon" bringing extreme winter climate to the nation - however what's the significance here?

 However it probably won't seem like it, a "bomb twister" is a genuine logical term, so named in light of the fact that the quick development of the tempest resembles a bomb going off.

  A huge number of Americans have been cautioned to prepare for a bomb twister with snowstorm conditions, wind chills and temperatures plunging as low as - 45.6C (- 50.1F) -

  A bomb typhoon or "weather conditions bomb" is a term used to portray a quickly developing area of low tension.

 "All the more accurately, it ought to be called unstable cyclogenesis, which is the point at which the focal strain of a low tension framework falls emphatically

  "These serious tempests bring weighty precipitation and extremely impressive breezes. In the US at this moment, freezing Cold air is being pulled in, with

  "The difference between chilly, Cold air in the north and warm, tropical air in the south has reinforced the fly stream, which thus extended the area of low tension."

 "This is the quick lace of air high in the climate that guides our surface low tension frameworks around.

 Meteorologists have compared the unexpected drop in strain to a bomb going off, utilizing words, for example, "hazardous cyclogenesis" and "bombogenesis"

 The term explicitly alludes to the speed at which a tempest structures, Daniel Lover, an environment researcher at the College of California, said.

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