Valentine's Day or Cow Hug Day? India debates a political animal

 Bring to celebrate dairy cattle over cupid deserted however strict grating remaining parts

 A doomed endeavor to convince Indians to dump Valentine's Day and on second thought notice "Cow Embrace Day"

 has highlighted the nation's social and strict erosions as the public authority progressively looks to part from Western impacts.

 The Creature Government assistance Leading group of India, which falls under the public authority's Division of Creature Farming and Dairying,

  recently gave a notification interesting to all Indians to commend the cow on Feb. 14.

  The AWBI portrayed cows - - a consecrated creature in Hinduism - - as the "foundation of Indian culture and rustic economy."

 Hammering the "stun of Western development," the load up said that Hindu customs are "practically very nearly eradication because of the advancement of West culture over the long run." 

 It added that the cow has a "feeding nature like mother, the provider of all, giving wealth to humankind."