If you are alone then what is the sorrow, we are telling you some special tips to be happy all the time.

 Don't Compare Yourself To Anyone It often happens that you start comparing yourself with your friends, colleagues or other family members and feel less than them.

 Cut down on social media time Social media is a good platform and we get to learn a lot from it.

 Limit mobile use We all need mobile, but it should be used only to a limit. Otherwise it can become a big problem for us.

 Give Time To Your Hobbie Not just job and household chores, make time for things that are beyond it. That is, for your hobby,

 Date Yourself This can prove to be a good experiment for you. Pick a day for yourself and date yourself on that day.

 Practice Yoga-Meditation-Pranayama It should be a part of your regular routine. While yoga keeps you physically healthy, meditation and pranayama give you relief from mental stress.

 Help Other The feeling of doing or giving something for someone also gives you emotional satisfaction.

 Being happy can be the solution to many problems. You must have seen many people around you who are generally happy.

 While there will be some who are very sad from inside and do not like to share their words with anyone.

 Such people just keep suffocating inside and in the end the result is that they get mentally in the grip of some major disease.