Reevaluating search with another man-made intelligence fueled Microsoft Bing and Edge, your copilot for the web

 To engage individuals to open the delight of revelation, feel the miracle of creation and better saddle the world's information, 

 today we're further developing how the world advantages from the web by reevaluating the apparatuses billions of individuals utilize consistently, 

 Today, we're sending off an all new, computer based intelligence controlled Bing web search tool and Edge program, accessible in see now at, 

 to convey better hunt, more complete responses, another visit insight and the capacity to create content.

 "Computer based intelligence will in a general sense change each product class, beginning with the biggest class of all - search," said Satya Nadella, 

 Better inquiry. The new Bing provides you with a better adaptation of the recognizable hunt insight,

 Complete responses. Bing surveys results from across the web to find and sum up the response you're searching for.

 Another talk insight. For more intricate inquiries -, for example, for arranging an itemized trip schedule or exploring what television to purchase

 An innovative flash. There are times when you really want in excess of a response - you want motivation.

 New Microsoft Edge insight. We've refreshed the Edge program with new computer based intelligence capacities and another look,