Met Affair 2023: When Priyanka Chopra wore THE raincoat with Scratch Jonas, Deepika Padukone went bare-backed for their introduction

 Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone appeared at the Met Celebration in 2017. While Priyanka wore 'the' overcoat with Scratch Jonas, Deepika picked a revealing dress.

 The Met Affair is a yearly occasion held at The Metropolitan Exhibition hall of Craftsmanship in New York City. This year, it falls on May 1 (May 2 IST). Promoted as design's greatest evening, the Met Ball sees conspicuous names from media outlets, youthful creatives, and even legislators walk honorary pathway (which isn't red all the time!). 

  Indeed, even Bollywood big names in the past have gone to the style party - including Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. Nonetheless, this year, Deepika isn't planned to show up at the occasion. Priyanka Chopra will go to the Met Occasion. As we count during the time paving the way to the event, 

 we chose to think back to when these two divas appeared at the Met in 2017. While Priyanka Chopra wore 'the' Ralph Lauren overcoat with her currently spouse Scratch Jonas, Deepika Padukone wore a revealing Tommy Hilfiger dress.

 Priyanka Chopra made her presentation at the Met Affair in 2017. Priyanka showed up at her initially Met Ball in a following raincoat with her future spouse. The couple initially met at the Vanity Fair Oscars party and made up for lost time for drinks at the Carlyle prior to making an entry on the means of the Met. 

  While both the stars picked Ralph Lauren - who planned searches for their white wedding in 2018 - Priyanka's outfit turned into all the rage and before long became one of the most image commendable troupes from the design event.

 Priyanka's unmissable and extraordinary Ralph Lauren raincoat outfit included décolletage-displaying raised collars and plunging neck area, a naughty front cut, and a misrepresented train. She wore it with basic dark boots, metallic sculptural bands, dull earthy colored lip conceal, a muddled top bun, smoky eyes, padded foreheads, and striking cosmetics.

 Deepika Padukone made her presentation at the Met Occasion in 2017, around the time she had made the change from Bollywood to Hollywood with Vin Diesel's xXx: Return of Xander Enclosure. For the event, Deepika picked an ethereal pearl-white outfit that inclined in the direction of the lovely side of the Ensemble Establishment's 2017 subject - Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Craft of In the middle Between.

  The all-American creator Tommy Hilfiger planned Deepika's outfit for the evening. She wore an ethereal and almost uncovering outfit highlighting a low-thrown V neck area, a completely revealing point of interest embracing her hips, expansive lashes decorated with diamantes, a figure-skimming outline,