Javed Akhtar's remarks around 26/11 assailants wandering indiscriminately denounced by Pakistani celebs: '

 A few Pakistani famous people have censured Javed Akhtar's new comments, made before a get-together in Pakistan, 

 about the country's part in the 26/11 fear assaults in Mumbai.

  Essayist lyricist Javed Akhtar's new remarks about the 26/11 assaults, made before a social event in Pakistan,

  have chafed specific Pakistani VIPs. At an occasion out of appreciation for the Urdu artist Faiz Ahmed Faiz, 

 Akhtar reminded the group that the culprits of the assaults are as yet wandering aimlessly, 

and that to anticipate that Indian should overlook this sounds unreasonable, truly.

 Responding to his remarks, entertainer Resham, who has showed up in movies like Jeeva and Ghunghat, 


 Instagram that she places her country above all the other things, and communicated lament at posting an image with Akhtar from a party during his visit.