International Women's Day 2023: Unlock the power of women with these proven hiring and retention tactics

 With Global Ladies' Day not far off, we should plan to acquire a new perspective, increment proficiency, 

 and obtain a more extensive scope of abilities, encounters, and thoughts by recruiting more ladies in the working environment.

 Equal pay for equal work Employees should receive fair compensation for their work regardless of gender.

 Supportive ecosystem for postpartum employee Many working mothers face significant challenges when returning to work after having a child,

 Foster gender uniformity Simply hiring more women is not enough.

 Menstrual wellbeing policie Several countries, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia,

 Boost women's leadership representation Women have made significant strides in leadership roles in recent years,

 Engage in continuous learning and development In today's rapidly changing job market, everyone needs to keep updating their skills

 Relationship-building Networking is an essential aspect of career development for men and women alike.

 Cultivate a caring ambience It’s no secret that women often face multiple responsibilities and commitments outside of work,