Holi 2023 Bhang Side Effects: Do not do these mistakes after drinking bhang thandai on Holi

 The intoxication of cannabis affects the mind of a person. This affects his nervous system, due to which the person starts losing control over his own activities.

 In such a situation, a person should not commit some mistakes even by mistake.

 Don't make the mistake of taking bhang on an empty stomach and don't eat it directly.

 If you have taken cannabis, then do not make the mistake of taking alcohol in fun, otherwise you will have to bear its huge loss.

 Do not drive after consuming cannabis because a person who is intoxicated by cannabis does not have his senses.

 Don't eat sweets after drinking cannabis, it increases the intoxication of cannabis. In such a situation, your problem may increase further.

 Do not consume any kind of medicine after drinking thandai, otherwise there may be a reaction.