benefits and health benefits of running .

 Our Stamina increases by running – even if you have been exercising in the gym or at your home for a long time.

 Digestion remains correct - Our digestive system also gets the benefits of running.

 The heart gets strengthened – Due to running, our blood circulation is done properly.

 Loses weight - For some people, the benefits of running prove to be a boon.

 Bones are strong - When we run, a special kind of pressure is created on our bones.

 Depression's effect is less - Depression patients should run a little every morning.

 Fat gets lost fast – There are some parts of our body on which the accumulated fat does not get removed even after trying a lot.

 Immunity increases - It is well known that running strengthens our immune system.

 Makes you mentally strong - Running is also very important for our good mental health.

 Our stamina increases - The benefits of running are not one but many.