Elon Musk ended his quietness on the discussions, said-3 months have passed gravely, Twitter would have been 

 demolished on the off chance that he had not taken choices! After the securing of Twitter, Elon Musk was in a great deal of conversations and contentions,

 presently Musk himself has ended his quietness on these terrible days. Elon Musk reviewed his most recent 3 months as President of Twitter. 

 Musk said it had been an "incredibly troublesome time" as he needed to "save Twitter from liquidation" while satisfying his obligations at Tesla and SpaceX.

 Musk additionally said that difficulties stay in the microblogging webpage.

 Elon Musk gave this reaction to the American paper Money Road General. News story distributed in the news paper 'When does Elon Musk rest?

 Very rich person finance manager Musk talked about the continuous difficulties in Twitter. Elon Musk said,

  in light of the fact that the test was to save Twitter from liquidation while satisfying the important obligations in Tesla and SpaceX. 

  Nobody would like this agony. While Twitter actually has difficulties ahead, time will fly by in the event that we keep on working at full limit.

 public help during this time is truly obvious!" Musk purchased Twitter in October last year for $44 billion. After seven days,

 which he accused on "extremist gatherings applying tension on promoters". As indicated by news reports, from that point forward he has