Bigg Manager Marathi 4: Apurva Nemlekar wins 'Pass To Finale',

 turns into the primary competitor to arrive at the finale Apurva Nemlekar turned into the main candidate who entered the Great Finale of Bigg Supervisor Marathi season 4.

 Apurva contended energetically with Akshay Kelkar in the last round of the 'Pass To Finale' task.

 Bigg Manager Marathi 4: Apurva Nemlekar wins 'Pass To Finale', turns into the main competitor to arrive at the finale In the new episode of Bigg Manager Marathi 4,

 For the undertaking, Bigg Supervisor named selected challengers Prasad Jawade, Amruta Dhongade, and Rakhi Sawant as the Sanchalaks 

 the errand, and different candidates including Apurva Nemlekar, Akshay Kelkar, Kiran Mane, Aroh Welankar as the players of the undertaking.

 According to the errand, the four competitors got four major glass holders topped off with sand. The four hopefuls needed to open the lock of the holder

 waste the sand from other contenders' compartments. In each round, Sanchalaks needed to quantify the sand level and the contender 

 who will have less sand will escape the 'Pass To Finale' race. Four competitors needed to play various rounds and one contender 

 In the principal round, Kiran Mane and Akshay Kelkar rejoined and squandered the sand of Aroh Welankar and he got out from 'Pass To Finale

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