Apple's journey in India: First iPhone to launch in India and other biggest milestones over the years

  It took Apple a long time from when it initially began offering its iPhone in India to having an organization run retail location on the planet's second greatest cell phone market.

 India has made considerable progress as far as its importance for the Cupertino monster from the times it didn't send off its first-ever iPhone in Quite a while, 

 so purportedly gathering practically 7% iPhones sold worldwide in India. In the past quarter, Apple income in India became by 15%. As Apple opens its most memorable stores, here is a course of events of its excursion on the planet's second-greatest cell phone market.

 First iPhone never sent off in Quite a while Apple sent off the principal iPhone in June 2007. The first era iPhone was never sent off in Quite a while.

 iPhone 3G send-offs in India, first iPhone to make India debut First iPhone to send off in Quite a while was iPhone 3G in August 2008. iPhone 3G sent off in June 2008 and made its presentation a couple of months after the fact.

 Cost of first iPhone that sent off in Quite a while iPhone 3G sent off in India at Rs 31,000 for the 8GB model, and Rs 36,100 for the 16GB model. Apple sent off iPhone 3G both on Airtel and Vodafone stores.

 iPhone X was the first iPhone to send off in Quite a while alongside the US The first iPhone to send off in Quite a while in the main stage itself was iPhone X, Apple's exceptional 10th commemoration version of iPhone. From that point forward Apple has consistently sent off iPhones in India in the primary stage itself.

 Apple records application to open its own stores in India In January 2016, Apple recorded an application with India's administration to set up its own stores in India.

 Apple President visits India, meets PM Modi Hardly any months after the organization recorded an application for the launch of its most memorable retail location, Apple President Tim Cook made his most memorable visit to India in May 2016.

 Cook met Indian State head Narendra Modi in New Delhi interestingly as the organization took a gander at plotting an extension procedure.