Abhay Deol calls Anurag Kashyap a liar and poisonous individual

 Abhay Deol says that Anurag Kashyap lied when he guaranteed that Deol had requested 5-star inn during Dev D shooting,

 On Saturday, Bollywood entertainer Abhay Deol said that Movie Chief Anurag Kashyap is a liar and a poisonous 

 individual who spread lies about him in the media. The pair had cooperated in the 2009 hit film 'Dev D'.

 The entertainer who has been advancing his web series 'Intense test time,' said in a meeting

 one of which was that the entertainer had requested a room in a 5-star lodging during the shooting of the film Dev D. 

 Deol added that it was Kashyap who asked him not stay with the film's unit since he is a 'Deol'.

 "Anurag went openly and lied about me. One falsehood was that I requested a five-star lodging during the shoot of Dev D. 

 He had really come dependent upon me and said, 'Listen you can't remain with us, you are a Deol. 

 Thus, I need to set you up in a lodging.' He in a real sense let me know that. 

 Everything he said to the media was that I requested it," Deol said.