You would not know these 8 benefits of swimming

 1. Benefits of Swimming: Full Body Workout Swimming involves all the parts of your body, swimming in any way you can exercise your whole body together. Plus, activities in water make your body work harder, so 30 minutes of water exercise is equivalent to 40 minutes of exercise on land. If you do swimming, then along with exercise of your body, you also get relief from other diseases.

 2. Benefits of Swimming: Beneficial for good health Good diet , healthy lifestyle and 30 minutes of swimming 3 times a week can do a great job on your health. All these things can make you healthy and fit and keep you physically and mentally fit. If you want, do it with your friends . 

 3. Blood circulation is better: Swimming improves blood circulation in the body and gives you relief from physical and mental stress . Due to increased blood circulation, there is a lot of energy in your body, due to which you can do any work with more enthusiasm.

 4. Benefits of Swimming: Help burn calories Swimming is the most effective way to burn calories. Swimming well can burn 200 calories in about half an hour, which is twice the amount of walking as an exercise. Swimming fast burns more calories than running and cycling. Helps you get fit by burning

  5. Benefits of Swimming: Swimming will strengthen your muscles If swimming is done regularly on a daily basis, which is not necessary to do any other exercise or workout, swimming helps in increasing your muscles and creating strength in them, your muscles grow and become stronger. Swimming requires more effort than exercise, which is why this extra effort is very helpful in making the muscles healthy in your body.

 6. Swimming protects from many serious diseases By swimming regularly, you avoid the risk of many diseases. It is a type of cardiovascular exercise, so swimming helps in preventing heart diseases , stroke, and type 2 diabetes . Swimming or aerobic activity can be an important part of treatment for a patient with diabetes. Swimming will reduce weight and burn calories as well. For this reason there will be blood sugar level control.

 7. Swimming keeps the level of physical energy high Not being active from an early age causes lack of energy in people. Swimming gives energy to your body by increasing your metabolic level. If the body's metabolism is correct then it can get rid of many diseases. You can adopt swimming to improve metabolism.

 8. Benefits of Swimming: Helpful in reducing stress and tension: When you are stressed because of anything or you are generally not in a good mood, go for swimming. Regular swimming can reduce stress levels, reduce depression and anxiety problems .