10 wonderful benefits of cow's milk.

 1. Cow's milk can be used to enhance the beauty of the face. Massage of raw cow's milk on the face can make the skin fair,

 2. Cow's milk is also easy to digest. Because the digestive system does not have to work hard to digest it.

 3. Cow's milk can also be helpful in increasing blood cells. In case of rickets or rickets in children, cow's milk is used along with almonds,

 4. A glass of 300 ml milk contains about 350 mg of calcium, which is half of the daily requirement for children up to three years of age.

 5. The yellow substance found in cow's milk is carotene, which increases eyesight and also helps in enhancing the beauty of the eyes.

 6. Cow's milk can prove to be effective in dealing with cancer, TB, cholera and many more serious diseases.

 7. Drinking cow's milk can be a very effective remedy when there is deficiency of sperms in men.

 8. Cow's milk is effective in reducing the poison produced in the body and its effect due to medicines and harmful chemicals.

 9. Vitamin A is found in sufficient quantity in it. Its use provides benefits in chronic fever, mental diseases,

 10. Consuming cow's milk daily is beneficial for TB patients. At the same time, for the elderly, consuming cow's milk on regular nights can be a good option.